Not Able to link records on Airtable in

Recording 2024-01-18 at 10.53.13

Whenever i try to click on a linked record field it says I can’t, but other fields work just fine. Is it really not possible to link records in n8n?

Your recording is not as visible. You can share the workflow for more reviews
The issue for this might be on the permissions and credentials you are using. Might occur when you are trying to select a table or a base that you might not have access to.

The workflow won’t show anything as you can’t click on it to fill anything in. That’s what I’m showing in the gif.

I will double check permissions, but it should be working as the credentials come from an admin account on airtable enterprise with creator abilities.

I’m seeing the same issue too.

We found if you copy the node, you can change the field to not be read only. It’s apparently a bug in the node.

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Thanks, worked :+1: