Notification to slack after all the records are updated not for per record

I have a cron based workflow that gets data from a db query ( so not sure how many records upfront) and updates CRM. I want to post a notification after all the records are updated to understand
How many records are updated?
When it got updated?
Any ideas.

Hey there,

So best thing would be a function node to loop the items and do the maths as well return anything else you wanted to post.

Take a look at this thread for an idea: My first function? - #3 by RicardoE105

On Monday what I will do is clean up my Zendesk to Slack workflow and submit it as an example to help with questions like this, while the data source is different the theory is the same.


Hey @Bala_Sista,

Did that post help? Let us know if you still need help :slight_smile:

Hey @Bala_Sista,

If you are interested the Zendesk to Slack workflow can be found here: the last 2 nodes will do what you are after.

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thanks much checking the same