Notion Credential - Couldn't connect with these settings

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I am trying connecting the Notion Node with Notion API following this tutorial Notion | Docs. However I am getting an error when trying to connect it. It would be great if anyone encountered this issue before and can help me out ~

What is the error message (if any)?

Hey @Yeow_kin_Wong,

If you close that credential window and tell it to save them are you able to use the node anyway?

Oh! It actually works, thanks for the tips. I never bother to try it as i thought it will fail. Thanks @jon !

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Hello. I have the same problem:

Couldn’t connect with these settings
No testing function found for this credential.

I tried to use different API keys. Always the same result. Any ideas?

Hey @mnardit,

Like above did you try to use the node anyway? It should still work.

That was a bug in credential testing for versioned nodes. It got fixed and will be released with the next version tomorrow.

It is really “just” a bug in the test which checks if the credentials work. Meaning they will still work correctly if you use them anyway.

See also this issue:

So I tested it as you mentioned above. It works a bit strange. For example, it works if I want to get a list of all users:

But if I want to get a list of databases it doesn’t work at all:

Hey @mnardit,

Have you added your integration to your Notion database? If you go to the Share link on the top right of any database or page you can then add the integration you made to it which will allow it to see the data.

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Thank you! It works perfect now.