Notion DB Page Deletion

Subcategory: Productivity
Node: Notion (Beta)

The idea is:

Add possibility to delete DB Pages. Chose Methode Delete, Put in DB Page ID and action. Or set page property archived to true

My use case:

I have some Datasources which will be imported in Notion. For example GMail and Gcal. I want to check if in Source the Entry still exist and if not it should be deleted from Notion DB

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

As there already the possibility to Get, Create and Update a DB Page it make sense to add a method Delete for DBPage

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

I think my current skills regarding Javascript or typescript not so well. But if there is nobody else I can give it a try.

I just added this to version 2 of the Notion node. We are releasing that new version soon.


My Notion module is still in version beta. Did I miss something ?
Thanks for your help

Hey @cie172,

You have not missed anything, The Notion API itself is still in Beta so while the Node is ok it is worth adding the beta part as Notion could change something with their API.

I undestand.
The “v2” of Notion module Ricardo was talking about earlier is released?

Hey @cie172,

Yeah the v2 node is released, When you go to use the Notion node it will automatically use the v2 version. In this case if you wanted to delete a page you would use the Archive option which is what Notion call it.

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Hey @Jon,
When you say archive, do you mean using n8n to check an Archive checkbox rather than actually deleting a page?

Hi @Tony_McHugh,

In the Notion API a deletion for a page or database page is setting the archive value to true.

@Jon should I be able to see that in the Notion node?

Hey @Tony_McHugh,

I have just taken a quick look and it looks like it is under Page > Archive, It is a bit confusing as it will do Database Pages or Pages depending on the URL or ID you put in.

I have just given it a quick run to make sure it still works on a database page and it looks to be all good and should result in this…

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Ah nice one @Jon - sorry I was only looking under Database Pages. Thanks!

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That was where I looked at first as well, If we do an overhaul of the node we should probably change this. I will make a note now :slight_smile:

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