Notion Error : body failed validation: body.children[5].to_do.rich_text should be defined

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I’m creating an entry in the database. The entry create successfully with multiple blocks defined. When trying to define a “To-Do” block I get the below error. I’ve tried both with the “Rich Text” toggled, and without.

What is the error message (if any)?

400 - {“object”:“error”,“status”:400,“code”:“validation_error”,“message”:“body failed validation: body.children[5].to_do.rich_text should be defined, instead was undefined.”,“request_id”:“4defc105-0c1a-44ad-a731-882e6c081ce1”} - body failed validation: body.children[5].to_do.rich_text should be defined, instead was undefined.

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this is in n8n cloud.

Hi @dylan :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

Could you let us know what kind of data you’re getting from Google Sheets? This sounds like maybe your workflow is calling on some data that you might be expecting to get, but has not come through the trigger or has come through in a way that you’re not expecting :see_no_evil: If you could share both a sample/example sheet where you’re sending the information to n8n, and also that information in JSON format, that would be great!

I don’t think it is, if I remove the “to do” block, the action runs fine. If I add a to-do block that has no reference to any other data just a simple text message of “test123” it fails, if the box is empty if fails, if it has reference to any other external data it fails. The gyst is , no matter what way I try to create a “to do” block in notion it fails with the rich body error.

Hi @dylan :wave: Thanks for going into a little bit more detail - that gave me enough information to test :smiley:

It looks like this is indeed a bug with the Notion node and the To Do block, I’m afraid. I’ve let our engineering team know about this, and I’ll be back when I have any updates!

Thank you! I look forward to hearing about the fix.

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New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 8622.