Notion Node Create vs Update

Ive been using Notion Nodes to create pages in a database and add both properties and blocks. However i have shifted to trying to also use the Update operation in the node and note that i cannot update/add blocks like i can when creating a page.

Is there any reason for this, and can we expect there to be an update to allow using the add blocks when using the Update operation rather than Create.

Hi @Nikto655 :wave: I’ll move this over to the feature request side of the forums so our product team can get their eyes on this :bowing_man:

In terms of why this isn’t available, the Update Page endpoint that the node is using doesn’t support it. That being said, Notion supports a page being appended through this endpoint.

I’m not too sure if an update in this manner is on the roadmap, but someone like @sirdavidoff or @giulioandreini might be the people to have info :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nikto655
one solution would be to have another operation called Append Block that does what the Notion API allows:

Creates and appends new children blocks to the parent block_id specified. Blocks can be parented by other blocks, pages, or databases.

Would that solve your problem?


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