Notion Trigger: On Page Deleted in Database

Subcategory: Productivity
Node: Notion

The idea is:

If a notion page got deleted, a n8n workflow should be triggered

My use case:

Synchronize events from Notion with Google Calendar.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

This kind of trigger is needed for any kind of “sync data from Notion with some other software” process. Implementing this without Notion webhooks (I think they don’t offer webhooks publicly?) by myself is very painful (pull notion data every x seconds, store all items I get and compare them to the results from the pull before).

Other integration providers like Zapier,, pipedream and IFTTT seems to have official Notion integrations like you can see here. I know that has a Notion Trigger note which also get triggered on delete events, so I think the others will have too. Maybe because these integrations are deeply integrated into notion and have access to a delete event that is not publicly available?

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

I think you have to get in contact with notion and develop an official integration. That’s not possible for me.

While this doesn’t exist, here’s a workaround:

When you disable this option in the Page Updated node, you get more data from Notion.

There’s a boolean field called “archived”. If it’s true, then the page has been deleted.

When a page is deleted, I think it’s also considered in the Page Updated trigger. So you can filter by this archived property.

Thanks, I tried it.

Unfortunately, the “Page updated” trigger is not triggered when you archive a notion page. So thats not working.