Oauth2 authentication for twitter using HTTP Node


I am trying to setup HTTP Node to communicate with Twitter API v2. Specifically the search endpoint (https://api.twitter.com/2/tweets/search/all) needs Oauth2 authentication.

Refer doc here.

I am not sure what to fill in for the following params in the credentials page:
Client ID,
CLient Secret
Auth URI Param

Pasted below is a screenshot of the page.

Can any one help me with it please?

Thank you.

You can find the Twitter OAuth2 credentials here where you can see the values that get used by the n8n Twitter node.

The information about where to get Client ID and secret you can find in our documentation where it is described step by step.

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Thank you @jan !

Thank you for pointing me to the github link. I had not thought about looking at the repo.

Btw, in the documentation link you sent I couldn’t find reference to the client ID. Is it the API key and secret?

Hey @ronykris!

Took a quick look at the Twitter documentation and it seems like you don’t need to worry about the OAuth. You can generate a Bearer Token and use the Header Auth in n8n.