Older Postgres nodes supporting properties in Query Parameters and new version is suddenly supporting values

Does anybody know when was this behavior changed for Postgres Nodes?
I can see the new nodes are supporting adding the values directly, and older nodes are still supporting the properties.

Hi @Roney_Dsilva :wave:

Can you let us know which version of n8n you were using before, and which one you’ve changed to? The only recent change to the node I can see in the release notes is a fix for this thread: Postgres Node - errors inserting data using Execute Query as well as using upsert :thinking:

HI @EmeraldHerald,
Was on [email protected] and have updated to [email protected] recently

Hi @Roney_Dsilva :wave: Thanks for confirming that - can you provide an example of what was working before for you, and what you’re having to use now in the Postgres node? It’s not so clear from your screenshots with the (understandably) redacted data :bowing_man:

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