Openai post artical with image to wordpress

Dear All, I am trying to generate blog post content and image via OPAI Node and post to wordpress, but I can’t figure out how to post alon with the image. It post only the text, I’ve tried merge node but didn’t work. Are there any suggestion?

Hi @ykh525050 :wave: Welcome to the community! :tada:

Could you take a look at this thread and see if this helps you out? One of our engineers, @giulioandreini , has made a really great and adaptable template that might be useful for you:

He has various solutions through the entire thread that might suit here :+1:


Thank you for kindly reply.
I’ve look thu these thread but still can’t figure out how the wordpress node work…

Can you post the error / issue you’re running into after the looking at those forum posts?

Thank you for kindly reply.
I now am able to generate artical and image via OpenAi node, but it can only create a post without image via wordpress node since it can only chose one input at a time.

Sorry I am a biginer can’t figure out how the wordpress node work.

I even tried the merge node and it successfuly merge the content and the image url but can’t find how to make wordpress node post them togather.

hi @ykh525050 ,
to add a featured image to a post you have to use the HTTP Request node and the Wordpress APIs that are documented here:

If you want to add a featured image you will have to:

  1. Create the post
  2. Add the image to Wordpress: using this Wordpress API Media – REST API Handbook |
  3. Set the image as featured image in the post: using this API Media – REST API Handbook |

You can see a full example here:

Let us know if this helps or you need more support


Dear friend,
Thank you for kindly reply, let me do some more research, it is a good start point. :slightly_smiling_face:

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