Outlook node can't get attach on signed emails

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Hello all,

I’m using the outlook node with the OAuth configured. When i try to get all attachments from signed emails using this node, it only extract the smime file. If the email is not signed i can see the attachments.Using the imap node i see the smime and the other attachments. Can anyone tell me if this is a bug or a feature?


  • n8n version: 0.193.5

Hi @Tiago_Cardoso, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

I just gave this a go and was able to reproduce this on my end. I am not sure yet whether this is a problem with n8n or the underlying API, but I’ll see if I can reproduce this using an HTTP Request. I’ll get back to you.

Hi @Tiago_Cardoso, I now had a go at this on my end, running the below workflow in order to send the API request fetching the attachments for a single message directly to the Outlook API:

Unfortunately, the Outlook API seems to be the culprit here, only providing a single entry for such signed messages. With n8n being simply the API consumer here I am afraid I don’t think there’s much we can do from our side to change the data received from MS Outlook :frowning:

oh… Thank you for your time and help @MutedJam :slight_smile:

Could still make sense to take a closer look into this. It might be (and probably is) possible to extract the files programmatically, though I don’t have any experience with this, and such a functionality would probably require logic beyond calling the API.

I’ll convert his question into a feature request for now so you and other users can leave a vote to register their interest.