Outlook with application permissions type

It would help if there was a node for:


My use case:

Hello! It will be great if the outlook node could support the applicationtype of permissions. Microsoft docs says that application type should be used when no sign-in user is active (so I suppose it is relevant for most use cases)

Another issue with delegated type (that is currently used by the node) is that it is quite hard to figure out who gave the permission to the application (there is no way to check it in the credential profile of the n8n)

The main difference in technical part is that current version of the Outlook node is not supporting targets in the urls. It is always pointing to /me (e.g. GET /me/messages in delegated type vs GET /users/{id | userPrincipalName}/messages in application type)

Plus, in the case of application type there should be scope and tenant-id in the credential page.