Outreach.io Integration

Hi there, looking to link two SaaS apps - Outreach.io & Hubspot CRM. Best paid option is $39/month for Piesync which is coincidently owned by Hubspot so I am looking for an alternative.


Welcome to the community.

We currently have a Hubspot node. Outreach is missing though.

Can you please let’s us know what is the use case you are interested in? You said link both SaaS, but how? Asking this to make sure that when the node gets created it includes the functionality needed to accomplished the use case you need.

Hi Ricardo,

The specific use case is syncing Outreach and Hubspot so that when a prospect, account, or opportunity is created in Outreach, the equivalent record (contact, company, deals) is also created in Hubspot.

I am trying to have the data in both Outreach and Hubspot to exactly the same so I don’t have to input customer information twice.

Here’s an example from PieSync https://www.piesync.com/help/connector-apps/outreach/