Pause option on workflow paths

The idea is:

In addition to the + option and the trash/delete button, PLEASE add a pause feature to a path that blocks the flow of items but leaves the connection in place. Indicate that the path is paused by putting a “gap” symbol in the middle of an inactive path, like a capacitor symbol in a wiring diagram.

My use case:

When debugging or adding a new area of functionality to a flow, I want to test it a lot but I don’t want the rest of the flow to run. Right now I have to delete connections to disable them, and then I have to remember all of those connections when I’m done. It’s a LOT to keep track of, especially when development happens over more than one session. The paused connections would allow me to leave them in place and not have to remember what was connected to what when I put everything back to right.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Am I the only one who starts projects at 1am and then doesn’t remember everything I changed when I come back to it the next day?


P.S. At first I thought that changing the color of disabled paths would be the better UX, but doing that right would mean also changing the color of downstream paths, That gets really complicated with merges and loops, but it WOULD be really helpful.

Assuming that’s even possible, and not to totally overdo it but just thinking out loud:
GREEN for an active path where all upstream paths are active
YELLOW for an active path where some upstream paths are active and some are inactive
RED for an inactive path and paths where all upstream paths are inactive.
GAP indicator on paths that are set to be inactive, so you can find them and toggle.

Maybe also red outline around modules where all inputs are red and yellow outline for modules where at least one input is red or yellow.