Personio HR node

The idea is:

The idea is to have a Personio API, similar to the feature request for BambooHR, to trigger when someone is hired, started or terminated.

My use case:

Personio → Google, Personio → AzureAD, or most interesting Personio → Jira Cloud

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Personio is one of the most used HR tool I know, from other companies. It would help a lot to automate the process.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

Yes, but I am not full familiar with n8n and APIs.

Welcome to the community @zumzum

They do not have a webhook API, which sadly leaves us with the polling approach. Not sure if what you requested trigger-wise would be possible with polling. Would have to test it.

Using the regular API should be pretty straightforward with the HTTP node until the node is developed.