Please Provide Migration Guide for mysql/mariadb to postgresql

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Give n8n has deprecated support for mysql/mariadb and soon to remove it, users are now forced to migrate to postgresql. However you provide no instructions nor guide on how to do so. Please provide a guide/instructions/tool to be able to migrate our data from mariadb to postgresql so that we can continue to use n8n.

Thanks a lot. That is planned. We deprecated it already now before we have a guide, to make sure that not more people start using those databases and then have to migrate later.

Thanks for the clarification. Do you have a planned ETA for the guide?
(I’m just anxious and hate letting deprecated things hang around)

@netris We were on same boat.

We end up spinning a new n8n docker instnace from scratch with postgresql database.

Export all the workflows and credentials via n8n cli from the old n8n instance and import them to new one.

Sure we lost all saved executions logs etc but it was the quickest thing to do.

Did the credentials export also export the users, or was it just stored Credentials?
I have some friends who have executions that they created, and I need to make sure they don’t have to re-sign up and then figure out how to give them back their workflows.

We didn’t have additional users I’m afraid so, i can not answer you that.

@jan Any thoughts on when this guide should be available?