PostgreSQL SSLMode

Hi there, is it possible to set the SSLMode when connecting to an external PostgreSQL database? Our company’s standards require that SSL be used for all connections to the database. Right now, n8n is trying to connect with “SSL off” and being denied access. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hey @Ian_Taggart is not that something you can set on the credentials? check the image below

Hey Ricardo, thanks for the reply and sorry for any confusion. My question revolves around the initial database for n8n’s credentials, workflows, etc. database itself and not something that we set in credentials.

Ahhh got it, sorry. Sadly, as far as I know, that Is currently not possible. However, it should not be difficult to add. I would make this post a feature request and add it to our backlog. We will keep you posted.

Awesome, thanks for moving this over to being a Feature Request. Is there anything that you need me to do add it to the backlog? (Not sure how this stuff works)

No. It’s added already.

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Support just got added. Will be released with the next version.

Got released with [email protected]

Is not documented yet but you can now set the here described SSL data via the following environment variables:


All of the above also support adding _FILE to supply the data via a file.

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Hey there, just wanted to thank you for a quick turnaround on this request! Over the past week we h have been kicking the tires on the latest version and just wanted to let you know that we’ve been able to connect to the database with SSL! It looks like the database spun up for us just needed the ‘DB_POSTGRESDB_SSL_CA’ option so we haven’t had a chance/need to test the others, but it works! Thanks again for the quick response - this has allowed us to move forward in offering it to others!

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