Problem N8N queue

version n8n: 0.236.3
Stack Docker: gist:4babd13ab1f9e5b300b8b8d533f8886f · GitHub

I’m having a problem on my n8n in queue mode

my N8N is accumulating queue very easily and streams that normally take less than 1 second are taking 5 minutes in a huge queue.

I’ve increased the replicas of workers and webhooks and it’s still happening,
I’ve put in a lot more webhooks and workers than it would take, but it keeps happening.

Hey @admdiegolima,

What are your workflows doing and what does the logs say? It sounds like it could just be busy, Did anything change before the issue started as well?

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Jon Thanks for the reply, I ended up finding out that the problem was on another system that sent the webhook to the n8n and not the N8N, sorry for taking your time.

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