Problem running workflow Cannot read properties of null (reading 'type')

Hey! I am new in n8n and we are developing the workflow for sending the HTML code after user entering the page using webhook and webhook respond, it was working but yesterday June 6, 2023, workflow starts to crash on testing mode, on production it works well :sweat_smile:

by the way we are using 0.225.2 version of n8n

When we try to execute the workflow in testing mode it gives following error:

Problem running workflow

Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘type’)

Please share your workflow

The workflow will be updated with the other nodes which will catches the post request which sends in the script in respond to webhook node. but now it is not even working for tests, we can’t execute even first node to start listening the event.

Will be very happy for any help

Hey @Emir_Marat,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

I have just given your workflow a quick run and for me it is working as expected, Can you try upgrading to the current ‘latest’ tag and see if that helps?



Thank you Jon! I expected that it is maybe connected with version or something like that. Could you please help me one more time and give hint how to upgrade to the current/latest tag? :pray:

Hey @Emir_Marat,

It all depends on how you are running n8n, It looks like you removed that part of the template :slight_smile:

If you are using docker it would be a case of pulling the new image using the latest tag like you would with other containers, if you don’t have a tag set and it is just using n8nio/n8n you can just do a pull and it should update but… if you are using MySQL as your database of choice I would take a backup first just to be safe.

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