Providing API Key manually

I would like to request the feature for nodes to have an option to provide an API Key/Bearer Key manually (As i manage API Keys seperately from n8n) instead of adding credentials, Basically every Microsoft Node(In my experience) supports this feature but it’s not available in n8n, Example how i am inputting API Keys (In my case Bearer Keys) manually

so as of right now the only way i can use services is by manually using the API’s with the HTTP Request node instead of using the actual nodes made for the services which is sad

Hey @Damian_K!

You can pass on the Keys with as an expression. Is that what you need?

Yeah, I simply need an input, right now i dont believe there is one

@Damian_K you can create a credential of any type, and then hook up one or many credential parameters as an expression:

So then if you’re passing in the access token (or API key, username etc) via webhook trigger (or fetching it in an earlier node), you can reference it in the credential. Hope this helps!

Alright, For example let’s look at Microsoft Teams, Right now only OAuth2 is supported and thus no “API Key” field is available so that workaround wouldnt work

@Damian_K ah yes you’re totally right - this method will not work for OAuth.

@Damian_K Is that the implicit grand flow? It seems like you can generate an access token that does not expire and then use it directly in the requests. Am I missing something?

No what i mean is, Microsoft apps are just an example in this case, all of the nodes would also work with the “Authorisation” header aka the Bearer Key