Pull meeting registrant from zoom

How can i pull zoom meeting registrant any idea please

Hi @chandan988, this isn’t currently supported by the Zoom node it seems. There is some code hinting this used to be supported, but it has been commented out a while back: ⚡ Improvements to Zoom-Node · n8n-io/[email protected] · GitHub

I’ve commented this back in and at least reading registrants seems to work fine for me, where registration is enabled for a meeting. So maybe @RicardoE105 can have a look whether we can simply comment it back in or whether there were any troubles with it?

Until this happens you would need to manually fetch the required details from Zoom’s API through the HTTP Request node I am afraid.

So is their any option to pull automatically instead of manually, Many company like pabbly and zapier have

I think the reason those two resources are commented it’s because when the node was created we did not have a paid account to test them.

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Ah good to know. I might play around with this a bit more tomorrow, if it works fine maybe we can uncomment it again :slight_smile:


@MutedJam any update on zoom registration pull in the nodes, current nodes has option to create meting and all but we cannot pull registrant.

Hi @chandan988, it has unfortunately been a busy morning (and will most likely continue to be busy this afternoon) so I don’t know yet whether I will get to it today as I originally hoped. Either way, such a change would most likely not be released immediately, so your best bet for now would be to connect to Zoom’s API directly using the HTTP request node as suggested earlier.

I have done that and I got data in JSON format in nodes in the webhook
Now how can I fetch or how can I set name, email, phone separately to use to further nodes? , I tried
SET , FIeld but not getting output separately all json is getting merged any nodes which will split my json separately

Hi @chandan988, as suggested in Multiple json received via webhook - #3 by MutedJam, transforming a single array into separate items sounds like a case for the Item Lists node. If you need help with this, it would be great if you could post an example of the data you already have.

This transformation would btw also be required once the registrants resource is available in the Zoom node as it returns the registrants in an array field named registrants, similar to the data structure used by the Zoom API:

On that note, I have run some more tests using the uncommented existing code. In addition to fetching registrants I could create them, but updating them still fails, so this needs some more work I am afraid.

by help of webhook, i can pull data and its working fine their is no issue, Rest you can try your nodes code

Good Luck

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Please could you tell me how you got the webhook to work, The webhook does not receive any data from Zoom.

@Brandon_Hattingh yes, there are a few steps involved in this

  1. Create an app in Zoom marketplace ( JWT ) i have attached my screencast it will help you the steps you can see and try Screencastify

  2. just use your n8n test webhook first, once in testing you get data to change to production Url

If you still face any issues just let me know

Thanks to N8n for such platform :slight_smile:

Hey, I am using the desktop app, and so the webhook URL is provided by N8N, which I think is the issue. I have followed your instructions and still can’t get any response in N8N.

my zoom node is not retuning any output in n8n. but meeting is scheduling in zoom app.

Please help


Could you open a new thread and fill out the template provided? The template gives us a lot of information that can be useful for working out why there is no data.

For example you might be on a version older than 0.198.0 which contains a possible fix for the problem you are seeing.


Did you try to pass other parameters as needed in Zoom ??

Yes @chandan988 , everything is perfect. I think issue with version. I have to update and check

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