Pure JSON node?

Is there a way to have a JSON data prefilled in a node?

I would love to have a JSON node: simply paste the JSON code inside and you are done.

I know that the Function node is used for that. It’s ok for simple data, but very inconvenient to use for some complex data. Especially for testing webhooks.

How I handle it now. I have a special json file on my website. When testing, I paste the code inside and get it by the HTTP request node. Much easier than dealing with the Function node. But still a workaround.


If you are on the latest n8n version, then exactly that is possible with the Function Node. Simply paste in the JSON.


@jan Thank you for the reply. Mine is 0.166.0. Doesn’t seem to work. Pasted my webhook answer

Without [ and ] (as it’s written in my JSON file) it says “ERROR: Unexpected token ‘:’”
With [ and ] it says “ERROR: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘every’) [Line 731]”

Ah yes, should have mentioned that. You still have to write return in front of it as it does still executed as JavaScript.

Thank you!