Purge execution history

Hi, I have a large execution history and I would like to clean it… Found this but I have no idea of MySQL, pwd, user, etc…


Where I can find these info ?
Thanks for helping.

Hey @One1Tick,

It all depends on what database you are using, You can manually remove execution history under the execution view or you can set the log pruning options and it will happen automatically.

HI, I have more than 1500 and it seems to be max 1000 at once, I don’t want to click hundreds of time on select. Maybe I missed something ?
I will check log pruning… thx

Hey @One1Tick,

There is a select all option at the top of the executions page that might help, For me when I click it I get a message to say it has selected all 521 executions and gives me a delete option.

I also have it but it gives me this error :

Ah ok yeah that will be a problem, pruning will be the way forward.

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thanks, i will have a look and come back if any question.


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