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Hello colleagues, I come to you today with a request that is also a question. I’ve been using n8n for a while now at the startup where I work, and it has been excellent, to say the least! Not only has it been a career advancement for me within the company, but we’re also saving a lot with this service. However, an issue has come up recently.

Our app has scaled significantly, and even though we have a powerful machine, whenever there are spikes in workflow requests, our page crashes. I noticed that n8n works differently from the previous Integromat and doesn’t use queues automatically. I looked into the Queue Mode with n8n and had to ask the Cloud team to address the issue with Docker and such.

My suggestion, I’m not sure if it would be feasible, but it would be great if we could choose the workflow’s working mode directly in the interface and select the best solution during workflow creation. Is something like this possible?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Is very great to hear that n8n is helpful for you and the company and even helped with your career advancement. Thanks a lot for the nice words!

Regarding your request. That is sadly not possible. The reason is that n8n has to be deployed totally differently for it. Meaning it needs additional services (like Redis) and also has to run on different servers.

It can probably be best explained with a car. On the German Autobahn, it can drive without a problem 200 km/h, on a gravel road, maybe only around 40 km/h. It would not be possible to add a button in the car to replace the underlying street from a gravel one to the Autobahn. It is sadly exactly the same in the n8n case, to switch from not queue mode to queue mode.

I hope that makes sense.


Thank you for answering! :blush:


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