Quickbooks module missing a lot of options

The idea is:

Currently, the Quickbooks Online module is missing a lot of options. We are a heavy QBO user and are trying to get away from Zapier. It would be nice if the QBO module matched those options which are available in Zapier.

My use case:

Currently, we have a Zap which allows us to enable credit card payments on newly created Quickbooks invoices. Setting up the Webhook to trigger for N8N on invoice creation was a pain, as there is no trigger in the N8N QBO module to do this.

However I did manage to make that work, only to find out that there is no option in Update Invoices to enable credit card payments like there is with Zapier. In addition, a ton of other items are missing e.g. Tax Codes, tracking number, etc.

It seems the N8N node is quite simplistic and needs a lot of work to catch up to the mainstream offerings.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

A lot of businesses use QBO extensively and having more options available is useful to them

Any resources to support this?

I recommend creating a Zapier account so you can see which options they are currently offering. N8N QBO users would no doubt benefit from many of them.

Are you willing to work on this?

I’m not sure I have the coding experience to do it myself, but I can assist with testing, etc.

Just a heads up since QBO uses a REST API, I was able to also update the CC info using that instead. Lots of extra steps. Certainly not noobie-friendly.

Hey @joeldeteves,

Which options are currently the most important for you?

While we’re able to modify anything using the REST API / http request, my suggestion is to make the node more user-friendly for non-techie people.

In Zapier, they have the following options:

  • Send Later
  • Terms
  • Product/Service
  • Tax
  • Class
  • Accept Payment Via Bank Transfer
  • Accept Payment Via Credit Carrd
  • Tax Code
  • Tax Calculation
  • Apply Tax After Discount
  • Shipping Tax
  • Class
  • Department
  • Location
  • Currency

That pretty much covers the use cases for every invoice.

For us personally, accept payment type was a big one due to a bug with one of our CSP’s turning it off for every invoice that gets created :roll_eyes:

But also, for automating purposes I’d suggest being able to edit the actual invoice fields (e.g. product/service, taxes, etc) and not just properties (e.g. Shipping Address, etc) would be a plus.

Just adding to this: I’ve been struggling for days with trying to add a new line item to an existing QBO invoice using the http node without overwriting the existing items.

It would definitely be good to have an ‘add new line item’ in the QBO module (should work for new invoices as well as existing ones).

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It would be high appreciated if we could also add an option to create/delete/get/getMany/update salesReceipt.


We can’t use this until class and category are added.

CPA here in terms of priority I would say these are the highest: