Rabbit MQ Trigger SSL Connection


I’m pretty new to n8n and me and my team setup n8n with the desktop and the docker version in order to do some research if it fits our needs. At the moment we’re trying to connect to rabbit mq with ssl credentials.

We didn’t manage to find any examples how to enter the credentials for CA Certificates, Client Certificate
and Client Key. We tried to enter the path to a certificate file. We also tried to enter the content of an x.509 and the content of a .pem file but none of that worked so far. Without https we can connect. But HTTPS is a must.

The Rabbitmq was setup with self signed certificates and an internal PKI Server. Can anyone help?

Currently I’m working with the desktop Version 0.198.2


Hey @Mike2022, welcome in the community!

I am not able to test it since I don’t have instance of RabbitMQ, but I quickly had a look on code and for me there should be content, not file of certificates ref: n8n/GenericFunctions.ts at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

Could you please try to put the content of certificate and let us know what error say? You could also try to attach to docker and show us what logs say?

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Hey @Shirobachi
I am working with Mike2022 on the RabbitMQ Connection. Unfortunately still without success.
As mentioned our certificates are self signed.

These get this error: unable to get issuer certificate

certificate error

In the Postgres node there is a toggle button Ignore SSL Issues in the connection.

Would it be possible to apply this function to the RabbitMQ nodes as well?


Hi @miro, welcome to the community! I shall change this question into a feature request, so this can be considered in the future development of n8n.

In the meantime, you could try setting the NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 environment variable (documented here), though I am not sure the setting will be taken into account by the library used by the RabbitMQ nodes.

That worked like a charm. Thanks @MutedJam