Reading Multiple sheets from G-Sheet

Hello All,

I want to read all the sheets from G-Sheet. below is the example sheet FYR.

I tried but was able to read only one sheet. Could someone please help here?

Welcome to the community @Sajid_Md!

To to do that you have to prepend the name of the sheet followed by ! to your range. In your case, if you want to read the range A:F that would be EUC!A:F.

You can find often help in n8n by hovering over the question mark:
Screenshot from 2022-02-05 14-19-06
or by using the search functionality in the forum:


Thanks @jan for your quick response and welcoming me.

I tried that already by using sheet name followed by ! With range. But I want to read all the sheets at a time. In my snapshot example I want to load all the data from sheet US to IND.
Can you help me with the details here.

Thanks :pray:

Is there any update on this ?

I’m not sure there’s a way to do multiple sheets in one read request. I’ve tried comma separating but that doesn’t work. You’d probably be best looping through each sheet.

There’s a PR open that will add a List operation to allow you to list available sheets and loop through them? ✨ Allow Sheets to update all matches by pemontto · Pull Request #2753 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

Ok Thanks @pemontto