Recursion prevention

My colleague created a nice recursion in n8n that brought down our server. I managed to see the workflow processes in the process window.

My question is, is there a way to find out which workflow created the recursion (was called 5000 times)? Would be nice to point my colleague directly to the problematic workflow.

My feature request: Can we limit workflow execution per minute to prevent this? Or create a limit that deactivates the workflow if reached within X minutes.

So recursion really in the sense that a workflow does call itself with the Execute Workflow node? Or did you create some loop in a workflow and they never stop? Or did a workflow did really simply get called a lot of times by something externally?

It seems like the workflows are still running so normally you should see them by clicking on “Executions” in the menu on the left side. So it should be so quite simply to figure which workflow that is. Or does it not display the workflows there for some strange reason?

What is planned for a while now is to make it possible to define how long a workflow is allowed to run maximally. Having a kind of rate limit is currently not planned. I can see how it can be helpful in some cases but as resources are very tight, it is nothing I will be able to work on in the foreseeable future.

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