Remove "\" and "

I am getting the below result from the previous node:
{“consent_id”:0,“source”:“Test”,“source_id”:0,“consent_timestamp”:1663164968,“user_uuid”:“{"email":"[email protected]"}”}

I am trying to remove "" and " from the email expression to be equal as below result:
{“consent_id”:0,“source”:“Test”,“source_id”:0,“consent_timestamp”:1663164968,“user_uuid”:{“email":"[email protected]”}}

Is there a way to do that? Appreciate any help. Thanks

Its recognizing the whole dictionary as a string,

{“user_uuid”:“{"email":"[email protected]"}”}

you will need to find a javascript function to turn that string back into a dictionary/map so it will be like


sorry I dont have time to look it up, but thats what u need

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Thanks for your response @Josh-Ghazi . I am not JS expert, but I will research it.


Hi @wdb1, are you by any chance looking for JSON.parse() here? You can use it in an expression like {{ JSON.parse($json.user_uuid) }}. Check out this example:


You can change the NewValue field name to user_uuid if you’d rather write the parse result in the existing field.


This what u need, a well thought out answer