Remove "Inactive" Dashboard Toggle for Workflows with Execute Trigger

Workflows with only a Workflow Trigger currently show an Inactive toggle on the dashboard, but they cannot be toggled active.

Small UX improvement suggestion - either remove the “Inactive” toggle for these workflows - or show a different symbol here altogether.


At the moment, it appears that “Inactive” workflows are drafts, and my inner OCD wants to delete them - but of course, some of them are not drafts but workflows that cannot be active.

Clicking on the toggle causes an error:

This seems a little cryptic to me. Couldn’t it say something like, “This workflow has no trigger nodes that require activation,” the message you see when you try to activate from the editor?

Hi @ColinMacLeod, do you mean this Workflow Trigger node? You should be able to activate such flows:

Can you perhaps share your workflow and confirm the version of n8n you are currently running so we can take a closer look at your problem?

No, I meant the dashboard version:

I know it’s a really minor point - but these highlighted ones are not, in fact, Inactive - they are either set to trigger manually or to be executed as a sub-workflow. The “Merge Test” workflow is inactive.

I’m self-hosting n8n version 0.202.1 on Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS.