Reply to Mentioned tweet not working

I tried this.

But it’s posting a new tweet on profile but it’s not replying to the user tweet.

Here is my workflow. And I have Included one extra filed in the Filter Tweet node to get the Tweet ID of the Mentioned tweet. I even tried with the SET node.

And In Twitter Node I set the value of In Reply to Tweet as the Value I set in Filter Tweet Data Node.


Ah yes, that is true. You have to also mention the user in the text. So if you reply to a tweet from “@test” and you want to post the reply “hello” you would have to post “@test hello”.

I just checked the Twitter API and saw that they have an option to do that automatically. I activated this option now. It will be released with the next version and so that will then not be needed anymore.

One other important thing to mention. If you get the ID for the Reply from Twitter you have to use “id_str” and not “id”.

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Waiting for the Next Release :grinning: Happy to be a part of the n8n journey.

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