Request / Data Validation

The idea is:

Have a data validation node to validate incoming webhook requests and data from other nodes. It should come out of the box in n8n instead of being a community plugin, since data validation is a core feature in most backends.

My use case:

I want to validate incoming webhook data, so I can use n8n as my only backend.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

I could then use n8n solely as my backend for my projects, and save a lot of time on development

Any resources to support this?

I did a n8n node a while back that implements JSON schema validation: GitHub - Bartmr/n8n-nodes-data-validation: n8n node to validate input data before continuing a workflow

Are you willing to work on this?

Yes. I opened a Pull Request a while back (Added DataValidation node by Bartmr · Pull Request #3962 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub) but I think data validation should be a core feature of n8n.

This would be brilliant - we have some very complex workflows and are about to start work on validation. We’re running on the cloud version of n8n, so having a built-in node would be a huge help to us.

If I could use all my remaining 7 votes on this, I would.

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Currently struggling with how to handle incorrect entries, this would be VERY handy! :pray:

This video might be helpful - it highlights some of our new Expression functions being used in the IF node. While it’s not a dedicated validation node, it should allow you to whip up some non-trivial validation; esp. if you were unaware of these relatively new helper functions.

:video_camera: Check if an email is valid (or domain, or URL)