Request Deezer Node

Hello everyone
I am new to N8N and I was looking for the function described below but it does not exist despite everything I like the operation I decided to use it for a lot of other things :slight_smile: .
I would like to have a “Deezer” node which looks like the “Spotify” node which has the same function (which of course depends on the diversity of the API).
Thanks if you can do it.

Hey @Teeflo,

Don’t forget to hit the vote button to make it count :+1:

For anyone interested API docs are here: they are hidden behind a login form so an account is needed.

Ah yes thank you very much, I had forgotten. I just tried to use the API except that it is quite complicated I find when it is used without a node provided for this purpose.

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It is all good @Teeflo I am sure someone will pick this up at some point. I may even have a little look myself to see what is there.

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Thanks you very much