Requests is deprecated. n8n should consider an alternative

n8n uses requests, and more specifically, requests-promise-native, and provides a helper for Function nodes to use this library.

However, as of February 2020, this library has been deprecated, and will not be updated in the future. See

It might be prudent for n8n to migrate to another library, such as axios, or node-fetch (Here are some other alternatives).

The best path forward might be:

  1. Add a new library
  2. Add it to the helpers for Function nodes
  3. Migrate core code that uses requests to use other library.
  4. Note in the documentation that requests is deprecated and third-parties should switch.
  5. Wait some time
  6. Get community feedback to ensure that third party code will no longer be impaced
  7. Remove requests

Yes thanks a lot. Totally agree. Is already on our road-map for a while. Still hope it is possible to migrate without affecting most integrations.