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How to reset user with having email reset access

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I just updated to a new n8n docker and noticed now it has a login process:

My issue is that I don’t have the password and forgot to setup email :(. How can I setup the password for this user?

Thank you very much

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It doesn’t seem like there is any documentation on this from what I can find. With that said it seems the easiest way would probably be to just setup SMTP by following the official documentation.

If that’s not an option you could edit the user table within the database.sqlite file. If you’re using docker this will be located in the .n8n directory where you started the container.

If you’re not familiar with interacting with databases, you can use a free GUI program like

Using this tool you can visit the “Browse Data” tab and select user from the “Table” drop-down.
Replace the contents of the existing password with the following.


Click Apply and click the “Write Changes” button at the top.

You should now be able to login with your previous email address and the password admin


Thank you very much :slight_smile: .

Hey Glitch
is the sample password standard for all n8n instances or is there a different encryption for each?
Saw there was an encryption key in the folder next to the sqlite database


Attempted this and it didnt work