Rewind : 2021 (Showcase)

:tada: Happy New Year Everyone :tada:

Special thanks to the n8n team for improving this project every single day. :heart:

I’m really excited to know what you guys built last year using n8n. If guys don’t wanna share links, Feel Free to share a Screenshot of your amazing workflow!

Here are a few things I made using n8n in 2021

My Goals for 2022:

  • I’m planning to build a workflow that auto-updates YouTube thumbnail based on the number of views

  • I want to try the Google Drive node. Using Dropbox right now.

Feel free to nominate someone.

I nominate @harshil1712 @maxT @jon


Nice one @mcnaveen and thanks for your kind words!

One of the flows I started on in December last year was a Figma workflow that checks if I’ve replied to comments that at-mention me. If I have not replied or resolved the comment within 24 hours, I get a notification in Mattermost (Slack alternative). Here it is:

Between the Figma Trigger and Wait node, it was so cool to see how quickly the core flow came together.

My Goals for 2022:

Continue to explore and implement DesignOps workflows, hopefully even productizing them in some low-code way (big ups to @harshil1712 's GitHub Wrap project - a true inspiration!). Big focus will be on Figma comments and collaboration like:

  • Syncing figma comments with a “#todo” hashtag to the relevant Notion doc for the feature, same for #spec and a few other tags. Will likely explore doing the same with acceptance criteria, so we can add some automated quality validation for front-end implementation (i.e. ticket gets auto-reverted to “in progress” when changed to done, as not all #AC comments were resolved in Figma; or something like that).
  • Various flows related to design system integrity + consistency. Things like scanning figma documents for texts that don’t have a style attached; so we can have reports on % of views that have custom overrides (ideally you want to limit this in design systems).
  • Beyond DesignOps; very interested in flows that recommend/ nudge and assist in day-to-day scenarios. For example, a GCal workflow that recommends adjusting certain meeting times to allow for booking a lunch time with colleagues who are usually busy (i.e. it sees a useless 15min window following a meeting, so recommends moving that meeting back 15mins to book a full 45min lunch slot prior).

Excited to see what everyone else is flowgrammin’ :slight_smile:


Hey @maxT

Amazing bro :100: Thanks a lot for sharing.

I have to try the below one. :slight_smile:

Oh. You haven’t nominated anyone. Please do. Let’s hear from the community.

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Keepin’ me honest @mcnaveen :joy:
I nominate @MutedJam and @richardjlo !

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Happy New Year :sparkles:

Thank you @mcnaveen for such kind words :sparkling_heart:

2021 has been the year of automation for me. I created a lot of workflows that we use internally at n8n, but also have a couple of them that I use for myself. Let’s see how many I can list:

Goals for 2022

  • Work more on OSS Commit which is again powered by n8n!
  • Create more APIs and monetize them :eyes:
  • Start with Home automation

Have been seeing interesting work from @David_Go and @Sami_Abid. Would love to know what they’re up to!


@harshil1712 Thank you for nominating me to Rewind 2021 :slight_smile:


I have been following and using n8n from the start, but 2021 was the year I moved most of my automation over to n8n even though I still have a lifetime account with other tools like Pabbly Connect - Automate All Your Integrations & Task . Having my own server without any limits of flows I can run has really changed the way I think of automation.

  • Watched over 15 hours of videos about n8n on youtube, my favorite being @harshil1712 ‘s videos.
  • Built a scraper to detect sites using competitor solutions (think of this as a mini BuiltWith just for my competitor’s software so we can get real-time data) using n8n, & mautic
    Setup 2-way sync with Hubspot, mautic, and some google sheets to always have one source of data.
  • Builth out about 3 scrapers to collect unique data for lead enrichment.
  • I have about 15 complex flows that I plan on adding to n8n (like to start thinking off simple then grow out the flow as I see the basic functions are working)

2022 Goals:

  • Keep on building our new flows to automate more and more, and find unique ways to add automation into my day-to-day work.

  • I have about 15 things I plan to automate with n8n, I like to start thinking off simple then grow out the flow as I see the basic functions are working.

  • I plan on making some how-to videos about n8n so others can learn from my n8n journey
    Would like to contribute more to the n8n community in any way I can. (like making this post) :slight_smile:

( I may update this post later on if other points of note come to mind, its has been a long year : )

@MutedJam what cool projects have you been working on this past year?


Thanks for nominating me @harshil1712


I was following n8n for a while, seeing the progress you guys were making. I decided to dive deep into the product and took the beginner certification course - taking the course actually made me realize how powerful the platform is compared to other solutions. That’s when I decided to run my own server and automate aspects of my productivity workflow as well as my client consultations. For those who don’t know, I do a regular 9-5 and as a side-hustle I help clients build no-code apps and automate existing processes.

Some of my highlights for the year:

  • Automated productivity related stuff such as Journalling in Notion, Calendar Blocking
  • Introduced a virtual-assistant to my personal Slack channel which keeps me updated about my day’s meetings as well as my due tasks.
  • Got invited to write two n8n related blog posts, you can check them out here and here
  • Joined Opsmate in an Advisory role which is going to use n8n as it’s primary automation tool and help clients implement n8n in their SaaS stack. We are on a mission!
  • Automate invoice generation for my consulting gigs

2022 Goals:

  • Continue leveraging n8n for personal as well as business use
  • Write more about automation and increase social media presence
  • Build a personal dashboard to keep on top of various life-aspects
  • Build a microsaas with n8n as a middleware
  • Quit 9-5 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Find a remote-job or go full time consulting, being my own boss

The goals are lofty but I rather dream and fail in the most beautiful way possible. If I succeed, then it was all well worth the ambitions!

I am looking forward to learning more from this amazing product and the amazing group of people it surrounds itself with!


@Sami_Abid, really cool to see how you are using n8n and your post about how to set up n8n for free on Heroku it really reminds me of how I am working on setting up n8n on Oracle Free Teir server :slight_smile:

You might be interested in checking it out.

The idea is the easier it is for people to use a tool like n8n the better it is for all of us :slight_smile: (and what is better than a free n8n server ; )


Thanks! I am glad you mentioned Oracle’s free tier. It reminds me I have two instances running on the free tier that I am not using - time to put it to use.

I think the only issue will be DNS configuration, did you manage to do that and run an instance off it?


I ran into a small hiccup but I plan on giving it another try this weekend.
@MutedJam has been updating the setup guide, and I know I will get it running smoothly very soon : )