Rewind 2022: Share what you've built

As we near the end of 2022, it’s been a year filled with changes for me personally.

While these changes have kept me busy, I’m glad to see that my workflows with n8n have remained smooth thanks to @jan and other amazing friends at n8n.

I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in development pipeline for the future.

Dear Community Members, Please share the best thing you have built with n8n or some little appreciation for the members at n8n.

Wishing you a successful and enjoyable New Year in 2023


Would be great if you start this of with your own awesome workflows :+1:

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Tbh, Didn’t built much with n8n this year. But this one is my favourite.

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This year is mostly webscrapers and social media posters, along with some OpenAI stuff before the node was created.


Ransomware Web scrapers

Canary Token Alerting

Discord + Reddit autoposter


Wow this is huge. :exploding_head:

lol they are the simple ones… :wink:

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Ha, this year has been aswell about scraping and crawling for me. :slight_smile:

I did build an Octoparse exporter to send it to an internal service with n8n.

But more excited about a private project, where I use Apache Nutch and Solr to crawl the web and push the results through N8N to different APIs in order to parse / categorize / classify vacancies from different labour markets. Not fully finished, but getting near.


As of now, i mostly focus on building the infrastructure for further development of business systemizations via the n8n.

  1. Run the Code node code :slight_smile: via nodejs:
    [n8n-workbench-code-node-runner] Debug n8n Code Node with node.js

  2. Easily deploy local n8n workflows to the host (utilizing bitbucket repo as a storage):
    [n8n-workbench-syncer] Syncing local n8n workflows with remote host

I’ve used both of them to build the ClickUp custom tasks reminder creation logic. Its not that complex, but it didnt work out of box. So I used the code node runner (1) to debug the logic for tasks creation, and now i use syncer (2) to upload this and couple of other workflows that helps me to automate minor stuff here and there.