RSS Read Node with Reddit RSS does not show the latest posts

Hello together

I need help because I can not erurate the reason for my problem.

Since there is no Reddit node yet, I am working with the RSS feed of the Reddit search. Below is the FeedURL:

Basic goal of my workflow: When a new New Music Friday post is published on Reddit, send me a notification. This is controlled by a cronjob that runs every hour.

When I run the node, it shows me the post from December 11th, 2020 as the latest post. However, a new post has since been published on January 08th, 2020. My RSS reader shows the latest post, but the Node in n8n does not. I am really confused and do not see the reason. I also can’t eurate if this is due to my n8n installation itself…

Maybe someone has an idea why the n8n RSS Read Node is behaving this way…

If you want to see my whole workflow, just say. Or if you need proof pictures :wink:

The error was with me resp. with my Reddit RSS query. I forgot the URL parameter “&sort=new”. The entry was there, but not in chronological order. Sorry for the unnecessary topic.

Great to hear that you found a solution.

Have fun!

I wanted to do similar with Reddit and came across this:

You can either use their hosted URL or self host the solution yourself and it generates an RSS feed for specific subreddits with a score threshold. The hosted version:

Might come in useful for you.

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Hi Nelinski

Thanks, will have a look at it. But so far I am satisfied with the Reddit RSS solution.