RSVP Google Calendar

The idea is:

Being able to RSVP to a Google Calendar event.

My use case:

I receive invites to events I want to automatically RSVP to.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Some platforms automatically invite you to a calendar event when you’ve created one through them, and in these cases you can automatically RSVP yes as you created the event, but since you’re not the official organiser of the calendar event, you’re still asked to RSVP. Google Calendar doesn’t have a way to setup rules for something like this built in.

Any resources to support this?

This StackOverflow answer explains how to include RSVP info. An important note is that this requires knowing the user’s email address. It seems like you can retrieve this from the event data by looking for self: true but this would require calling GET before the PATCH. calendarId is passed into the Google Calendar node already which would be the same in some situations but I’m not sure if this would always work, for example when it’s not the user’s primary calendar.

Are you willing to work on this?

If a simple solution for finding the email needed to RSVP for which doesn’t require much n8n-specific knowledge, yes.