Salesforce node - missing resource fields

For our business use-case, we need some fields in Task and Case resources of salesforce. These fields are missing in n8n.
List of the missing fields which would be needed -
Case -

  1. ContactPhone

Task -

  1. Type
  2. TaskWhoIds.

It would be great if these fields are supported by n8n.

Welcome to the community @Ketan_Vishvanath_Som

When creating a case there is a parameter called Supplied Phone . Is not that the same as contactPhone?

Also when creating a task there is a parameter called Who Id.

They are under additional fields.

Thank you @RicardoE105,

in Case, SuppliedField is different than ContactPhone and we wanted to use ContactPhone.
in Task, WhoId is the primary contact associated with the task, we also need TaskWhoIds which is an array of other participants in the task. Both are different fields.

I see. Thanks for the clarification.

I tried adding the ContactPhone field or case resource in n8n source code , but seems salesforce doesn’t allow this field in insert/update of case , so will have to drop that field

raise PR for Type field for Task resource added Type field in Task resource of salesforce by KetanSomvanshi · Pull Request #2110 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub</title

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