SAML v2 authentication

Hi, I want to use n8n with my corporate tools but in order to do that I need to use a SAML credential with my workflows.
Do you have any exemple to share based on “HTTP Request” node ?

Hey @Sebastien_Sejourne, welcome to the forum!

This is quite a challenge. From quickly searching I couldn’t find an example where a SAML flow has been implemented in n8n. So this could make a great feature request.

If you were to manually implement it, maybe check if your tool has a documentation for each required HTTP request? It’s probably easier to get help on the forum if you just need help with setting up a specific request rather than a whole flow.

Hi @MutedJam thanks for your reply.

The tools that I would like to access are web based mainly, so my first issue is just to be authenticated through the SSO portal and then I will be able to scrap and process some datas :wink:
OAUTH is well supported and I think that SAML should not be so different, but for now very well experienced in reverse engineering the auth session and grab needed headers and cookies.

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It has been a while since I have implemented SAML but from what I remember not all IdPs have a concept of refreshing the authentication like OAuth so you would have to go through the Auth process when the session expires which for a background process isn’t ideal.

I suspect your saml knowledge is going to be more up to date than mine but did you have any ideas on how it would look / work in n8n?

I guess it would be a case of setting up the signing keys and getting the metadata xml loaded up and using n8n as a portal for applications but that pesky auth issue would stuff exist.

Hey everyone, we built GitHub - boxyhq/jackson: SAML Jackson: A SAML SSO service designed as an OAuth 2.0 flow. Integrate SAML with just a few lines of code. and specifically designed the SAML login flow as an OAuth 2.0 flow to ease integration. It would be a good fit for corporate/enterprise n8n tools. cc: @Sebastien_Sejourne. More than happy to help with the integration.

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