Schedule Activate and Deactivate Workflow

It would be really awesome If Workflow Automatically became active and inactive with help of a Schedule option like this.

(I’m not talking about Cron Node or Cron Job)

Sorry but can honestly not imagine right now that it will get implemented. The only thing that is planned in the future is to allow to activate/deactivate a workflow via a special supported API we want to create. It is important for a project to not implement everything that is possible for ever edge case esp. if the functionality can already achieved in a different way.

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This is enough. Thanks for your efforts @jan

Here an example how you can already do that now:

Ah. Good. But no rush. Will wait until this stuff comes out.

I’m just suggesting the things which can improve the product/Easy to achieve from the user perspective. Not forcing you guys here. If something can be achieved in a different way please feel free to suggest.