Schedule flow every 5 minutes between certain times


I’d like to schedule my workflow to work everyday at 7pm to 8am and I want my workflow to work every 5 minutes. How is this possible?

I tried something like this but I don’t think I catch this up:

Hey @onurbolaca,

What about using the cron option and using something like */5 19 * * *?


Hey @Jon ,

I did it like this to work it everyday, every 5 minutes

between 8pm to 23.55 pm,

and to continue between 12.00 am to 6.55 am

Do you think adding two expression side by side like this will make it work?

Hey @onurbolaca,

To be honest I have never tried that but I would probably add 2 schedule trigger nodes and have one cron in each that way there shouldn’t be any issues.


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