Scope field - Microsoft oAuth2 Api credentials

Hi there! I was just following along with the instructions for creating my Microsoft oAuth2 credentials and noticed there is a “scope” field that I’m not sure what to put into. In the video demo of the N8N docs it’s not there yet, and proceeding without filling it gives me an error from Microsoft when trying to connect / login with my Microsoft account:

“The request body must contain the following parameter: ‘scope’.”

Any chance of pointing me in the right direction?

I found out a bit more about it here:

After entering into the scope field I got the Microsoft login window, but the permissions said it only wants to access / read profile info.

What should I put in the scope field so that these credentials can work with all the Microsoft nodes, creating folders in OneDrive, sending Email, etc?

Ok next update, I just added the OneDrive node and created new credentials using the already created info from the first credentials. Now the Microsoft login window asked for the right permissions and I can interact with my personal OneDrive successfully!

Still, for one I thought I can create a single Microsoft oAuth credential and use it with all Nodes. And for another I still could use the scope for accessing our organisation’s OneDrive structure. But how?

Hey @leprodude!

Each Microsoft node requires different scopes. Hence, you need to create different credentials for the nodes. You can still use the same credential values (after you provide the necessary permissions), but you will have to create a new credential in n8n.

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Hey yeah thanks for the clarification! Does the general oAuth2 credential have a use case then if I need to enter the info again for each node to get the correct permissions?