SeaTable Node Bug

Hello , I am using self hosted n8n 0.156.0 and self hosted seatable 2.6.

I face an strange encounter as i am trying to get data from google sheet , create inside seatable sheet and when i try to get all data in the same sheet, I am getting repeated records , resulting in massive amount of records.

as we can see from above screenshot, i am getting 37 record from google sheet, i create 37 records in seatable and when i get the same table, i am getting 1369 records.

when i check seatable sheet, it show 37 record.

data inside create node show 37 record as well.

however, data inside get all node show 1369 recrods.

It is expected because the nodes in n8n are executed for as many inputs as the node has. The node has 37 items as input, and the table has 37 records, so 37 x 37 = 1369. If you want to override this behavior, go to the node settings and set the parameter Execute Once to true.

@RicardoE105 now i understand how the node work. i link the get all node to “start” and i am getting the correct number of records.

Thank you for explaining. :grinning:

Great that it worked. Have fun. Let us know if you have further questions.