Seeking Assistance with Key Name Values in Coda's Update Row Operation using n8n

Hello everyone,

I am currently using n8n to automate tasks and I am having trouble with a specific part of the process. I’m attempting to use the ‘Update Row’ operation in the Coda node with the resource set as ‘View’. My objective is to change the corresponding line from false to true in a table.

I am uncertain about the values that need to be inputted in the ‘Key Name’ field. If I understand correctly, the ‘Key Name’ is supposed to identify the specific row I want to update, but I’m not sure what exactly needs to be added in this field to achieve my goal.

If anyone has a clear example of how to do this or could explain the ‘Key Name’ field in more detail, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Hi @wdb1 - sorry to hear you were running into this! @Jon actually managed to figure this one out :slight_smile:

The Key Name needs to be an array which contains the data you want to update. For example, say you have 3 columns: Name, Foo, and Bar, which looks something like this:

in n8n before the Update Row in the Coda node, you’d add a set node and would create your array using values.Name and values.Foo:

Now in the Coda node, you’d tell the node your Key Name is values because that contains the data you’re looking to update. The node internally will take the input json and extract from values to send to Coda.

Let me know if that helps!


Thanks for your help with this !!


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