Sending Slack messages as user?

I was wondering if there was a way to post messages on Slack without using a bot, directly from a user’s account. I don’t seem to find a way to do that and bots are not always the most suitable (or possible) option, specially in workspaces where you can’t approve the bot.

It feels strange because nothing would stop me from copy&paste messages across workspaces and there are legit scenarios such as posting announcements about events on channels that are targeted to that.

What am I missing?

This option?

Hey @JFQueralt!

You can do this in two ways.

  1. OAuth Authentication: If you’re using the OAuth authentication method, the node will send a message as a user.
  2. Access Token: If you’re using Access Token, you can use the User OAuth Token. If you have the Bot OAuth Token, you can select the option that Ivan shared above

@ivov @harshil1712

That solution works only in both cases it requires to have an App installed in the destination workplace, which is the main problem (I may have articulated the problem wrongly).

I am trying to send a message as a User on other workplaces where I may not have Admin permissions (as regular users wouldn’t be able to approve app if proper security measures are implemented).


OK, I just tested creating a separate credential and maybe the problem here was that I didn’t (possible still don’t) totally understand the way the Slack Apps work.

I was able to create a new App and attach it to a workspace where I don’t have Admin permissions. I am a bit confused with it so that means more research.

Will circle back to close the thread once I am clear.

OK, I wasn’t so crazy: Workspace still have the last word to decide if an App can be installed (which in fact makes a lot of sense).

Any way to overcome this?

Only if you go the unconventional way i think

@Damian_K unveil your secrets.

Use the Slack web app, Send a message, Capture the request, Simulate it in let’s say Postman, Make it work, Replicate it in N8N


That’s some good dark magic there.

Will check it, thx.