Sending to Rabbit by one of the Airtable

Only three lines…
That’s the way it always is.
It would be cool if it would be possible to set the maximum number of consumers for RabbitMQ.

Got released with [email protected]

Regarding the maximum number of consumers. Please create a Feature Request for it. Thanks!

Thank you!
This is the best no-code solution I’ve tried.
Your product support is very high level.

Thank you very much! That is amazing to hear.

Have fun!

Thanks a lot Jan, this is just awesome! Hit the same issue and was about to switch to webhooks but that would have meant a lot of changes from where I send the rabbitMQ messages.
Decided to post / check forum for updates and here it is, the fix to my problems.
So thanks again for this amazing product and also for the rabbitMQ fix.


Welcome to the community @crisl!

That is great. Two for the price of one :wink:

Like always great to hear if n8n is helpful for people and they enjoy using it. Have fun!