Sent email in sent folder

Hello, I send email with “Send Email” but now I would like to have the sent email in my sent folder. How can I do this.

Hi @mac338, this isn’t something the SMTP protocol used by Send Email node offers afaik. Email clients implementing such behaviour would typically do this via a parallel IMAP connection. This isn’t something the node itself could do though I am afraid.

If you need additional visibility, perhaps you want to use the BCC option of the Send Email node instead and simply BCC your messages to a separate account?

Hi MutedJam, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, your proposal is not a solution but rather a workaround. I think the node should be extended by the following points

See picture

Is it possible to expand the node?

Probably not tbh. Adding IMAP as a second protocol to the SMTP node increases complexity and the likelihood of errors from my perspective.

I’ll convert your question into a feature request though, so you and other users can vote on having this implemented going forward.