Set headers for https OPTIONS response when using 2 webhook node pattern

The idea is:

When using a webhook trigger node with the response sent in a ‘respond-to-webhook’ putting headers in the first webhook trigger node could set response headers for pre-flight OPTIONS requests.

My use case:

I am trying to use the Webhook + Respond To Webhook nodes to add some dynamic JSON data to a front end page hosted on another server.

If I set basic authentication to my requests on n8n cloud I can access these resources on firefox since it will set an authorisation header without doing a pre-flight OPTIONS request. Chrome however does the pre-flight OPTIONS request and doesn’t get back Authorization as an allowed header.

It might be sensible / easier to just have n8n cloud allow the Authorization header when responding to OPTIONS pre-flight requests. But it would give more flexibility & control to allow the arbitrary headers set on the Webhook node to control this response in the case where the response is controlled via the Respond to Webhook node.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Any resources to support this?